MCESC Educational Assessment Team

Last Updated: 8/19/2021 2:19 PM

The MCESC Educational Assessment Team works collaboratively with school district personnel to provide assistance meeting the unique and challenging needs of individual students with severe and/or multiple disabilities. Through mutual agreement with all parties, the MCESC Educational Assessment Team may also serve as a source of independent/second opinion evaluation. 

The Assessment Process


  • Review each referral request with school district representative
  • Meet with parent(s) and district teams to plan an assessment if needed
  • Request additional data as needed from districts, physicians, agencies
    and parents
  • Schedule necessary assessments and/or observations and interviews
  • Document the results of the data gathered in report format that
    describes the child's needs and potential impact in the educational
  • Participate in follow-up conference(s) with the parents, school
    personnel, and others as necessary
  • Provide additional technical assistance and consultation as requested
    by members of the student's IEP team
  • OT/PT may be part of the process as needed


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MCESC Educational Assessment Information


COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures for families who are bringing their student to the Regional Center for testing:

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Hallie Greenfield - Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Kaitlyn Lang - School Psychologist

Ashley Lockemer - School Psychologist

Jeanette Roesner - Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Lisa Saylor - School Psychologist

Pat Skidmore - Educational Audiologist

Amy Wade - Speech Language Pathologist   

Mary Fryman - Secretary                                                      

The MCESC Educational Assessment Team is coordinated by Lisa Saylor.

Requests for referral should be directed to Mary Fryman.
(937) 236-9965.


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A day with Hallie Greenfield, an MCESC Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist.