Montgomery County Educational Service Center Regional Center Library

Last Updated: 10/16/2018 4:40 PM


Welcome to our library!

The Montgomery County ESC's Regional Center Library provides educational materials and resources for parents, teachers and related service professionals. The library houses a variety of books, games, shoebox tasks and switch toys. To view a list of available books and other items, you can now browse our online catalog. New items are being added for the 2017-18 school year, including brand new switch toys and shoebox tasks! 

In our effort to maintain an efficient and cost effective library to meet your needs, we ask your cooperation in accepting the following responsibilities as one of our patrons:

1.   Return items on or before their due date. The majority of our materials can be check out for 30 days (excluding Holidays and weekends).

2.   Items are due on the date printed on the checkout slip. Please call (937) 236-9965 or email to extend the due date. If there are no other requests for the item and you have no overdues, ONE renewal period may be arranged.

3.   The number of materials available for check-out are:
     • First time patrons: 5 total items including a maximum of 1 media item
     • College students: 5 total items including a maximum of 1 media item
     • Regular patrons: 20 total items including a maximum of 2 media items

4.   If you request an item currently on loan to another patron, we will place the item on hold and call you when it is available.

5.   Library privileges will be temporarily suspended until overdue items are returned.

6.   If you are consistently negligent in returning materials, you may be returned to "first time patron" status.

7.   Replacement cost of lost/damaged items may be charged to the patron. The replacement cost of each item is printed on the checkout slip.

8.   Please help us in maintaining our unique lending library. When checking out items please observe the following:

  • Protect electronic media from sun or direct heat.

  • Handle games and kits carefully. Some contain small pieces.

  • Check material carefully for damage and completeness before returning.

  • Alert front desk to any missing, damaged, or defective items.

  • Return items in good order and condition on or before their due date.


Library Contact Information

Regional Center Library

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you are interested in checking out a specific item, call the library at (937) 236-9965 or email to place the materials on hold. We will hold an item for you to pick up at the front desk for one week.

Sorry, but we are unable to mail or deliver items.