Occupational & Physical Therapy

Occupational & Physical Therapy Services


The OT/PT cooperative provides occupational therapy/physical therapy services to students within their educational environment. In collaboration with teachers and parents, therapists work to support the student's educational goals.

Occupational Therapists (OT) provide education based evaluations and work with children in the development of fine motor, visual motor perception, sensory processing and self-help behaviors for successful classroom participation. Physical Therapists (PT) work with students to teach functional motor skills, therapeutic interventions and provide educational interventions that improve movement, mobility skills and coordination to increase independence within the classroom environment. 


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The OT/PT department is coordinated by Cheryl VanHoose. Requests for service and referral should come from a representative of the school district in which the student lives or attends and should be directed to Bridget Campbell - (937) 236-9965 x2185. 


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