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Shannon Cox

Welcome to Montgomery County Educational Service Center, where our mission is to strengthen outcomes in education throughout Montgomery County and the region by providing high quality services to local districts, educators, students and the community at large. Through collaboration with area stakeholders, we work to strengthen the capacity of districts to achieve cost-effective, high quality outcomes. 

Montgomery County Education Service Center – MCESC is a place where visionary leaders provide exemplary service to our client districts and most importantly to the students we directly serve. We employ just over 480 servant leaders, who touch over 90 educational entities in Ohio. We serve, so students can be successful.

Today’s educational landscape looks very different than that of the 20th century education system. Over the last century the list of items added to the public school mandates and requirements has just gotten longer with each passing decade. And to be very frank, the purpose of education has also changed. It is no longer necessary or appropriate for schools to teach certain facts and figures when the rapid fire of new technology has been a strong catalyst in the sheer amount of information available in the world. We just can’t keep up. In today’s 21st century education, the purpose is to educate the Whole Child - to ensure our graduates have the vital competencies and skills to allow them to navigate life’s journey no matter what they choose to do after high school graduation.

Companies in the private sector have had to re-vamp, reconfigure, and re-mission to meet the needs of their future. Yet, the public school system is caught in the tension between social and community expectations to operate in the status quo and the global expectation to produce such a different type of graduate.

We need students to be agile and innovative in their thinking, independently responsible for their own learning outcomes, technologically savvy, and have the humanistic awareness to empathize with others who do not come from the same environments as themselves. We need kids to be able to systematically think through a process and be creative in how they solve today’s problem. We need kids to know what to do, when they do not know what to do. And this is hard enough for the typical student, but for the marginalized student, it is quite simply just harder.

MCESC is on target to open up our third Learning Center in a north location, for students with significant challenges in life, in the fall of 2020. This environment will allow 7th-12th grade students to engage in social emotional competencies and career skills associated with the basics needs in life – food, shelter, and relationships. In January of 2021, MCESC hopes to open a new pre-school for students in the Foster Care system that will focus on healing the traumatized brain in our youngest learners.  Additionally, we will continue to offer the myriad services we currently offer to districts and students including Intensive Day Treatment options, Social-Emotional training for adults, prevention programming, related special education services, consultation and coaching, business services and networking.

We take students’ needs seriously and we believe in the public school districts’ service to their own communities who make up our great county. Montgomery County ESC serves, so students can be successful. #wearemcesc

Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments. 

Shannon Cox                                             Marti Baker
Superintendent                                    Administrative Assistant
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