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    This is an important announcement about a significant change in our Learning Centers school year calendar. 

    The Montgomery County ESC will be closing Learning Centers West and North on Monday, November 30. We will return to school on Monday, January 11th - in person - with a remote day on January 8. Except for January 8th, we will not be doing remote learning during this time. The 19 instructional days missed during this time will be moved to June.  Student’s last day of school will now be Tuesday, June 29.  A revised calendar will be sent out soon.

    Please click here for the official letter and more information

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Speech-Language Therapy

Last Updated: 11/2/2020 1:44 AM

The Speech-Language pathologists provide speech-language pathology services to students with communication delays and disorders.  They work with students who have been identified as having articulation, receptive, expressive, pragmatic language, voice and or fluency disorders or any combination of these.  They work to improve the student's communication skills so that they are able to access and make progress to the curriculum.

The Speech-Language pathologists also participate in the MTSS process helping identify supports and strategies that can be implemented in the classroom.



Amy D'Amico's students sing "Happy" with AAC devices


Seney Calis

Amy D’Amico

Nancy Maxwell

Laura Windholtz

Lisa Grant-Raucci

Rhonda Lavin

Emily Cuprys

Erin Thalheimer 

Elizabeth Graber

Hannah Reckman 

Rebecca Boyd

Desirae Danzy

Lauren Burke

Jean Miazga

Katherine McHale 

Kathryn Osborne

Abigayle Wilbanks  

Lynn Clayton  

Kathy McDermott - Supervisor

Susan Gunnell - Director, Regional Center