Katherine Burden

The common phrase, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” rings so profoundly true here at the MCESC.  For example, one might picture a payroll officer sitting at a desk, prim and proper with the bookish glasses and the constant clicking of the computer keys providing the musical backdrop.  For the most part that might be our Payroll Officer, Katherine Burden, eight hours a day where it’s all about numbers, order and process.

However, when she gets home, it’s another story altogether. It can sometimes turn into controlled chaos.  “My husband and I love doing home improvement projects together.  Actually, I love doing home improvement projects and he just puts up with me,” Katherine said.  “We built our home three years ago and I am constantly changing, painting, or moving furniture in the house.” 

By the way, it’s a pay week here at the MCESC.  We like Katherine.  A lot.  Actually, we like her every week but Pay Days, well, we really appreciate her.  Her kids do too. Certainly because she is Mom but also because it's a payweek.  You see, laundry is her least favorite thing to do.  So she pays her two children to do it.  Genius!  Now, we like her even more!

Katherine Burden, Payroll Officer for the MCESC, we are glad you are part of our MCESC team and not just because of Pay Days!

Your title:    Payroll Officer

What building:    Keowee

What's a typical day like for you?    Busy!

How many years at the MCESC:    9 Months

High school attended:    West Union High School (Ohio) for 3 years and then went to Yellow Springs High School my Senior Year.

College attended/degrees if any:    The Ohio State University (Studied Atmospheric Science to be a Research Meteorologist.).  I married my husband the year before I graduated. He was stationed at Valdosta Air Base in Georgia at the time, so I moved.

Special Skills:       Sang Opera through College until I was 25.

What do you like about the MCESC:     The amazingly talented group of people!

Your favorite person at work?      Guy Fogle (He made me say that!)

A philosophy you live by:      Live life to the fullest!

Favorite movie:       Anything Star Wars.

Favorite kind of music:     Classical, Musical Theatre, Opera, Gospel, Pop

Favorite food:        Mexican food.

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