Marietta Harris

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:26

Marietta Harris enjoys reading the Bible.  It is her centering spot.  When life gets hectic, she finds comfort there in the pages.  And does it ever get hectic in her world!

Marietta is one of our school psychologists.  Although this is her twentieth year in education it is her second with us and her busy meter is off the charts.  She is at Dayton Regional Stem School (DRSS) Monday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday she is working with the Mound Street Academy (MSA).  Each school is unique in how they approach educating children.

MSA uses the APEX online program offering an opportunity for children who have previously had difficulties acquiring credits via the traditional high school system. DRSS is project-based teaching designed to guide student's learning for 7th through 12 graders.

“So, in addition to supporting teachers and staff with special education, and the intervention process, I am assessing students to determine if they have a disability or continued disability,” Harris says.  “I am also connecting with students as needed, talking with them about concerns they have regarding their education and life.  Furthermore, I am helping parents to understand and navigate the many laws and regulations that fall under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act) and 504 programming.”

Her days may be busy and hectic but the students, parents and teachers never sense it. They only hear Marietta’s voice and it’s a voice filled with kindness. 

Title: School Psychologist

High School Attended: I am from Chicago so I attended Christian Fenger High School and Rich South

College Attended: Wilberforce University -Go Bulldogs! /The University of Dayton -Go Flyers!

Hobbies outside of work: Taking long walks, relaxing and watching movies with my family, and reading the Bible

What do I like about MCESC?  I love that MCESC is all about putting family first! I love our drive towards excellence in all that we do! Finally, I love our respect for uniqueness which fosters innovation!

Favorite Person to work with:  Connie Nichols - I love her spirit!

Philosophy: My philosophy is simplistic in my belief in knowledge that education continues to unlock imminently and challenged filled endeavors. Education allows one to feel safe throughout the preparation of accomplishing goals. Even new-found dreams for those who desire to pursue it.  My roles as an educator are to direct, link, and build those who are on this journey.

Favorite Movie:   Love Jones … The soundtrack is awesome as well!

Favorite Kind of Music:  Gospel

Favorite Food:   Chicken

Least Favorite thing to do:  Clean toilets

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