MEET THE MCESC - Megan Kreill, OT Supervisor

Megan Kreill

Synchronized swimming is about achieving the ultimate in teamwork.  The athletes work on timing and precision and at the top of their craft observers don’t see the individual swimmer but rather the team.  In essence, the team functions as one.  Once I understood that concept I was then able to understand the initial objection from Megan Kreill.

When asked last year to be a feature for our Meet the MCESC she quickly declined.  Recently when asked again she elaborated on her refusal.

“Could you feature one of our OT’s who is out in one or several districts directly working with students,” Kreill responded in an email.  “Any of them are deserving of being featured.

At that point her connection with synchronized swimming became clear to me.  Kreill is a synchronized swimmer with a master’s team and also coaches the sport.  Just as with synchronized swimming she approaches her role as Occupational Therapy Supervisor the same way. 

Simply stated, it’s about the team, 48 OT members strong with another 25 physical therapists, working in unison.  Once all of the parts start firing and the synergy takes over its several parts seen as one, Team MCESC.  This is what Kreill loves most.

“I work hard here,” said Kreill, whose office is at our Regional Center.  “But they are in the trenches and are more deserving of the attention.”

She forgot to mention that not only is she a proud coach but a cheerleader as well.  Whether coaching synchronized swimmers or her OT team all of the team members know without a doubt Megan Kreill is all about them.

Years at the MCESC:   Just hit 17 years in December

If you work with other teachers/assistants who are they:  I help supervise 48 OTs. I work most closely with Chris Urig, OT Supervisor, and Jeanne Boardman, PT Supervisor

Years in education:   20 (3 years with the Greene Co. Bd of DD in Early Intervention (0-3 year olds)

High school attended: Colonel White

College attended/degrees if any: University of Indianapolis: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Hobbies/Interests outside of work: Running, synchronized swimming- as a competitor with a masters team and coach of an age group team, reading

Special skills/aptitudes:  I love to sing & have been told my voice is decent :)

What do you like about the MCESC: I love the work we do with students!

If you have a philosophy you live by what is it: I try really hard to see the positive and the humor in everything; humor keeps me going!

Favorite movie: Little Mermaid, Holy Grail, Princess Bride, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Pretty Woman (these are the ones I quote the most, so I'm guessing that makes them my favorites); I also love the Marvel movies- clearly I have trouble picking favorites

Favorite kind of music: I like almost all music- country and opera are my least favorite; I can sing along to most anything from the 70s & 80s, but I like current artists too. My brain thinks in musical lyrics (& cartoons)

Favorite food: Hmmmmm, that's a tough one. I have always loved pizza. I don't eat cheese on it anymore, but I still think that's my favorite.

Least favorite thing to do:  Judge at synchronized swimming meets- I'm much happier just coaching, but have to judge (while also coaching) at most of the competitions.

Fast Fact:  Kreill has been accepted to run in the Boston Marathon in April.

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