Toni Hughes

Walk into a classroom with Toni Hughes in it and it’s rich with a clearly positive vibe, full of interaction and encouragement.   Hughes is part coach, part mom, part cheerleader, and part principal, like the one in her favorite movie, Lean on Me, which she has watched over two hundred times.  In the movie the main character is a principal played by Morgan Freeman, who strongly believes in the kids and refuses to let them hide behind excuses.

“What we do matters,” said Hughes.  “Teaching kids that others were unable to help and celebrating their successes as they come, makes all the difficult things about this job less difficult.”

Hughes is in her second year as an Intervention Specialist at our Learning Center West Dual Unit.  She holds a degree in Physics from Wright State University and holds nearly as many hours in Chemistry.  Her graduate work is in Secondary Education. 

“I love math and equations, especially when programming a spreadsheet,” Hughes said.  “I get crazy excited every time I figure something new out, especially if it’s complicated.”

A product of Northmont High School, Hughes has four girls and a very busy schedule.

“My favorite thing to do is watch them on stage, in sports or playing an instrument but the laundry never ENDS!"


What are your Hobbies/Interests outside of work?  I like to sing songs, make things, and teach at church.

Do you have any special skills/aptitudes?  I know a great deal of sign language.  Although I am not fluent, I can speak French, 

Favorite person at work?  Outside my room--Jon Decker--he is dependable, calm, patient and clear in everything he says. 

If you have a philosophy you live by what is it?  Keep going, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.--Zig Ziglar

Favorite kind of music?  Hard rock

Favorite food?  Chocolate Ice cream

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