MEET THE MCESC - Stephanie Chambers

Stephanie Chambers

Don’t let anybody take your spot.  That’s her philosophy and taking her spot would be a monumental challenge because Stephanie Chambers sets the bar high.   You walk into her world at our Youth Positive Health Day Treatment Program and you are in the presence of royalty.  Certainly with how Stephanie presents herself but more so in how she treats others, as if everyone around her is royalty.  In her kingdom, everyone is of equal importance.

Stephanie in in her first year with us but she has been in education four years.  As an Educational Assistant in Blaine Markland’s classroom, her days can be, and usually are, challenging.

“I am blessed to work with a good group of people with a dynamic boss, Jeremy Joseph”, said Chambers.

A writer of Educational Hip Hop and Inspirational songs, Lady Steph, as she is known musically, has a video on YouTube and iHeartRadio called “You Don’t Have the Luxury.”  It had a nice write-up in the digital magazine Speed on the Beat, a Maryland/DC area based publication.

She also designs Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot of London Hats as well as jewelry. But it’s clear when you enter her kingdom, it’s about music and it’s about the kids.

“I enjoy music because it speaks to your soul”, Chambers said. “I also enjoy speaking to young people and people in general about knowing their purpose and their value of being a gem.”

By the way, her Scottish Terrier is treated like royalty as well.  With a name like LadyAnne of Buckingham Palace how could it not.

Years at the MCESC:  Five months to present

How many years in education:  Four years and counting

High school attended: PattersonCo-Op High School

College attended/degrees if any:  Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees from The Ohio State University in Human Development and Family Sciences and Fashion and Retail Studies.

Hobbies/Interests outside of work:  I enjoy attending church, walking my Scottish Terrier, LadyAnne of Buckingham Palace, playing tennis, going to the movies, designing cool things, game night and cooking for family and friends.

Special skills/aptitudes: I'm a Songwriter, writing Educational Hip-Hop and Inspirational songs.

My Song and Video :  Lady Steph- You Don't Have The Luxury

Video And Audio-

Audio Only-

I also Design Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot of London Hats along with Mood Color Changing Jewelry.

What do you like about the MCESC:  I like that they truly care about the students and their staff's well-being.

Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Favorite kind of music: Gospel, Classical, Hip-Hop, R&B, Contemporary Jazz, Some Pop and Some Country.  I enjoy music because it speaks to your soul.

Favorite food: Pizza with extra cheese

Least favorite thing to do:  Ironing

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