Hearing Impaired Preschool: Program Overview

three students at class tableThe Montgomery County ESC Hearing Impaired Preschool is committed to helping each child reach their maximum language potential in English, both in listening and speaking skills and in early literacy skills. We also recognize that there is a wide variability in anticipated oral language performance among children with a hearing loss, especially those who have delays in using amplification or getting cochlear implants (HOPE notes, 2006). All educational plans are driven by the IEP team and can include access to American Sign Language (ASL).

We emphasize appropriate and consistent use of hearing technology, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHA and personal remote microphone systems. Natural communication through listening is woven into every activity, every interaction. Sign is added as a bridge to spoken language if it is needed per a specific IEP. Expansion of language occurs in spoken English or in ASL as dictated by the needs of the child.


Research-based Creative Curriculum provides for developmentally appropriate activites that are entwined around themes centered on high quality children's literature.  Academic content areas of Social Foundations, Language Arts and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Physical Well Being and Motor Development, Fine Arts and Social Studies address the Ohio Department of Education Content Standards for Early Childhood and provide the framework for every activity.  Instruction is based on continuous assessment of each child.


The class is located inside the Huber Heights City Schools Administrative office building at 5954 Longford Road in Huber Heights.  Also located in the  building is Studebaker Preschool.  This allows for our children to be integrated with typical language peers from the learning community on a daily basis. It also prepares our students for a mainstream acoustic environment, self-advocacy skills, and natural social and pragmatic skills. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children who are deaf or hard of hearing the opportunity to explore and grow language both signed and/or spoken; to communicate with the world around them and join their hearing peers in a mainstream educational setting.


What Makes Us Different?

  • Four day full-day program

  • Monthly family engagement activities to provide parents with the skills they need to grow their child’s language

  • Curriculum and Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards based instruction taught by a Hearing Impaired Intervention Specialist

  • Speech therapist on site daily and audiologist on site multiple times each week; both well versed in listening and spoken language practices

  • Opportunities for parent coaching sessions to enhance listening and spoken language outcomes

  • Individualized education and therapy plans based on the child’s needs

  • Natural, play based environment

  • Language enriched classroom

  • Typically developing peers enrolled in the classroom

  • Access to ASL interpreter and/or signing staff as required per IEP


Need More Information?

The Montgomery County ESC Hearing Impaired Preschool staff are available to answer any questions you may have. To schedule a visit, contact Beth Pendergast, Program Supervisor at (937) 224-8087

Preschool Brochure

Preschool Handbook