Student Programs

Will Couts congratulates graduate

The Montgomery Educational Service Center offers special education programs for the surrounding public school systems. Each program is designed to meet the unique needs of the students enrolled. There are separate programs offered for students needing support for emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, and there is also a preschool for children with hearing impairments who have the potential to understand sound and communicate verbally.

Students are placed in these programs by their local public school system. The school district bears the cost of the program for students. A student must have had a multi factored evaluation and determined to be disabled and in need of special education services. Students who reside in the Dayton Public School’s attendance area are transported to and from school by that district’s transportation department. Students from other districts are serviced by The Montgomery County Regional Transportation System.

Student Services Contact Information

Will Couts

Will Couts
Director of Student Services
(937) 224-8087

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