Youth Partial Hospitalization

The Youth Partial Hospitalization Program focuses on modifying the behavioral and emotional functioning of students who are displaying emotional problems, which have in the past jeopardized the child’s ability to function within his/her home, school or community. It is designed to bridge the gap between outpatient services and inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Students are referred to the program by physicians, parents and agencies. The referral occurs directly with South Community.  Mental health therapy is provided by South Community Mental Health Services for 20 hours per week and billed to insurance.  Tutoring for 9 hours a week is provided by Montgomery County ESC and billed to the home school district.  Enrollment is limited to 12 months.

Contact Information

Youth Partial Hospitalization Program (YPH)
3155 El-Bee Road
Moraine, OH 45439

Jeremy Joseph,  Educational Supervisor