Office of Administration & Operations

Last Updated: 11/17/2022 1:18 PM

Amy Anyanwu

Amy Anyanwu - Assistant Superintendent

We serve, so students can be successful!


The Office of Administration and Operations provide the following services:


The MCESC has adopted the ALICE Training Institute’s model for safety training. We have annually met the requirements of the ALICE Training Institute’s Certified organization program in active shooter response preparedness. We utilize a very extensive, high definition “camera system” to monitor our facilities. We have been extensively and thoroughly, cleaning and sanitizing all of our facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are Backing Up – staying six feet away from others – when and where possible. We are Masking Up – wearing a face covering over our nose and mouth. We are Washing Up – wetting our hands, getting soap, scrubbing, rinsing and drying.


Attendance Officers

The MCESC employs four attendance officers who provide attendance services for the following school districts in Montgomery County - Brookville, Jefferson, New Lebanon, Northmont, Valley View, and the Montgomery County ESC. We also provide attendance services to all school districts in Miami County.



The MCESC employs eight custodians who provide all of the custodial and cleaning services at Learning Centers East, West and North, Regional Center, SOITA, and Keowee Street.



The MCESC employs three maintenance staff who provide all of the upkeep, repair, and replacement of equipment and facilities at Learning Centers East, West and North, Regional Center, SOITA, and Keowee Street. They also provide initial construction as needed. Our maintenance team is responsible for daily food service transportation to Learning Centers East, West, North and YPH (Youth Positive Health). They clear snow and salt parking lots at our facilities during the winter months. They are also responsible for mowing and maintaining 17 acres – which is inclusive of all MCESC sites.



The MCESC employs five technology specialists. We provide purchasing advice, installation, inventory, and support services for over fourteen hundred desktop computers, notebooks, Chromebooks, and tablets and the associated internal networks that keep them connected to data from the outside world.


Food Service

The MCESC provides breakfast and lunch to all students at Learning Center East, West, North and YPH. Kettering City Schools prepares the food and it is transported daily to each location by our maintenance team.


Client Relationships

The MCESC closely monitors and provides feedback to all of our clients regarding their contracts, billed services, and foundation payments. We continue to build user friendly, working relationships and partnerships with all of our more than 90 school districts in a 12 county area. The MCESC is the premier special education and related services provider in the State of Ohio.



The MCESC Communication and PR Coordinator, located at our MCESC offices, is responsible for and/or supports the following: internal and external communications, social media, website, media, virtual communication, and crisis communication. He also produces MCESC Annual Report and extensive staff and project/initiative videos. We coordinate bi-monthly meetings of the County Communication Collaborative which is a group of Communication Specialists from across Montgomery County. We coordinate monthly meetings with the Dayton Area School Operations (DASO) which is a group of Business/Operations Managers from across the region. We coordinate weekly DDN “In Our Schools,” annual DBJ “State of the Schools,” bi-monthly Dayton Magazine, and annual Focus on Business submissions.



The MCESC Wellness (Mind, Body, Soul) Committee participates in the EPC Wellness Program to help reduce stress and increase energy which leads to better quality of life. The MCESC Wellness Committee has accepted the challenge of inspiring all employees taking our insurance to participate in EPC Health Wellness Challenges and/or Workshops and promoting Wellness Committee activities throughout the school year.


Amy Anyanwu, Assistant Superintendent

200 South Keowee Street, Dayton OH 45402

Phone: (937) 225-4598 Fax: (937) 496-7426

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