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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschool Classrooms

MCESC Early Childhood Program



     2528 Wilmington Pike

     Kettering, OH 45419

     Principal: Nathan Warner

     Phone: (937) 424-3838




We embrace the diversity of communication and language modalities to educate children who are deaf or hard of hearing.


We partner with families to:

- Maximize communication in a language enriched environment.

- Empower children to self advocate and develop social emotional skills. 

- Educate and connect families to resources and community supports.


HI Preschool




Our program offers an environment that provides unique supports and services.  The classroom teachers are Teachers of the Deaf, with years of expertise in educating students with hearing loss.  Speech Language therapy is available daily, as well as a staff audiologist trained as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, and an interpreter who can communicate fluently in sign and spoken language.  The classroom is composed of students who speak and sign as well as hearing peers as language models.





The Montgomery County Educational Service Center offers one of the most unique learning centers of its kind in Southwest Ohio. Armed with a love of the kids and driven by the desire to teach, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program links the children with not only those with similar challenges and experiences but also with a teacher who knows their situation well

What is it that makes our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschool so special?  MCESC Speech/Language Pathologist Lynn Clayton provides insight.


Emily Allen- ASL Interpreter

Beth Baker - Educational Assistant

Linda Andrus- ASL Interpreter

Christina Barr - Teacher of the Deaf

Lynn Clayton - Speech/Language Patholo

Holly Pressley - Principal

Kathleen Wagner - Teacher of the Deaf

LC East


Program Highlights

Language enriched classrooms

Natural, play-based environment

Curriculum and Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards based instruction taught by a Teacher of the Deaf

Individualized education and therapy plans based on each child's needs

One-on-one auditory training and spoken language development

Speech-language pathologist able to provide individual and small group therapy sessions

Parent education sessions focused on building language at home

Ongoing assessments of language development