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Beginning January 1, 1999 all certificate/licensure renewals must be processed through the LPDC.

The LPDC, rather than state certification office has become the signatory for certification/licensure renewal. The LPDC cannot approve any new certificate or licensure, only renewals.

Educators will be expected to renew their certificate/licensure by developing an individual professional development plan that must be reviewed, approved, and verified by the LPDC in each school district.

Educators who have obtained a permanent certificate do not have to develop an individual professional development plan. Permanent certificates remain permanent under the new licensure system.

Your LPDC is here to help you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any member of the committee.


EMC LPDC Committee

Mary Jane Donovan - chair

Marion Stout

Christina Fitzpatrick

Mark Pressley

Bonnie Terry


MCESC LPDC Committee

Bonnie Terry - Chair
(937) 225-4603 x3034

Hallie Greenfield, Specialist Staff
(937) 236-9965 x2568

Laura Jones, SST Staff
(937) 236-9965 x 2170

Jeremy Joseph, Programs Admin.
(937) 534-4640

William Lauson, Curriculum


MCESC staff members may click to visit the LPDC website