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In this week's edition of Family Fridays we visit with one of our SEL Consultants, Rebecca Lewis as she discusses with her students th epower of role models.

Mary Hargreaves Award winning Paraprofessional WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET MARY HARGREAVES

It's about relationship-building with the kids and Mary Hargreaves is a master at it.

Student Programs Holiday Get-Together

Photosw from our Student Programs Staff Holiday Party.  This dedicated team deserves a party in its honor everyday.


SOITA Interim Director Deb Tschirhart presents tools for educators to utilize in theior classrooms.


Lisa Parks, our Emis Coordinator is this weeks Family Friday feature.

Amanda Deeter - Social Emotional Mental Health Specialist WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET AMANDA DEETER

The plot thickened when somehow her name was inadvertently linked to another Amanda Carney, who had a criminal record and worked in the same field.  

Kristina Ropos - Consultant for Career Tech Planning Districts WE ARE THE MCESC - KRISTINA ROPOS

My father told me at the age of 12 that I didn’t need to go to college to be successful.  At the time I thought he didn’t know what he was talking about and that he must not have believed in my abilities.

Hallie Greenfield - Orientation and Mobility Specialist WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET HALLIE GREENFIELD

She believes that all people deserve to be treated as human beings, have the right to an education, and have the right to have independence at the highest level they can achieve.

Dana Saddler (Teacher) Cheryl Miller (Educational Assistant) at Changes WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET DANA SADDLER AND CHERYL MILLER

This program can and does change lives.  Recently, one of their students went back to their home district after a long tenuous stint at Beckett Springs, graduated early and is now at Sinclair studying to become a nurse.  This is why they do what they do.

Job Fair Photo 2019 Dayton Area Schools Job Fair is April 6, 2019