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Hallie Greenfield - Orientation and Mobility Specialist WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET HALLIE GREENFIELD

She believes that all people deserve to be treated as human beings, have the right to an education, and have the right to have independence at the highest level they can achieve.

Dana Saddler (Teacher) Cheryl Miller (Educational Assistant) at Changes WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET DANA SADDLER AND CHERYL MILLER

This program can and does change lives.  Recently, one of their students went back to their home district after a long tenuous stint at Beckett Springs, graduated early and is now at Sinclair studying to become a nurse.  This is why they do what they do.

Charmaine Webster - Director of Marketing for Preschool Promise WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET CHARMAINE WEBSTER

"At Duke, I started a praise dance ministry and held leadership positions in Black Campus Ministry.  I see a need and look for solutions."

Teacher Beth Pulcifer enjoying a moment with her students and colleagues JITTER JUICE TO THE RESCUE

“There is such a belief and love we all have for the kids and no matter the label, the staff sees the success in them”, Principal Holly Pressley said.  “As a team it’s a “one day at a time” mentality of getting a victory each and every day.”

Candice Sears - Director of Instructional Services WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET CANDICE SEARS

With barely a push the pigs were off and running into the countryside.

Will Couts  - Director of Student Programs WE ARE THE MCESC - MEET WILL COUTS

Couts brings a wealth of experience to his new role and hopefully some really good cross-training shoes