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Office of the Superintendent

Shannon Cox

Welcome to Montgomery County Educational Service Center, where our mission is to strengthen outcomes in education throughout Montgomery County and the region by providing high quality services to local districts, educators, students and the community at large. Through collaboration with area stakeholders, we work to strengthen the capacity of districts to achieve cost-effective, high quality outcomes. 

Montgomery County Education Service Center – MCESC is a place where visionary leaders provide exemplary service to our client districts and most importantly to the students we directly serve. We employ just over 480 servant leaders, who touch over 90 educational entities in Ohio. We serve, so students can be successful.

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to fly with the Blue Angels; barrel rolls, flying inverted, and hitting 7.46 G’s were some of the incredible stunts.  It was an energy and invigoration that’s hard to explain.  Athletes and musicians refer to these moments of adrenaline rush as “being in the zone.”  The exhilaration and concentration so focused on the moment that, for that time frame, nothing else matters. 

I’m very lucky to have experienced that flight with the Blue Angels.  I’m also lucky that I work with a team of dedicated professionals who are frequently, “in the zone.”  The relationships our team builds with students and the growth of the children is an inspiring sight to witness.  Whether it’s a child sitting in a room not fully understanding why he is angry, or the child frustrated she can’t hear or speak clearly or the child on the spectrum trying to find his way, our staff enters the “zone” every day to build the relationship, making the child feel safe. 

It’s not easy explaining to others what we do here at the MCESC.  But the why, well, that’s easy.  We do what we do, all 580 plus, because we love the kids.  And when we get in the “zone” it’s a magic that comes from within all of us.  

Yes, I’m lucky because I experienced the “Zone” in the seat of an F-18 Super Hornet but I'm lucky I experience being in the "Zone" every day in my role as Superintendent of a very special, a very magical place, the Montgomery County Educational Service Center.


Shannon Cox                                             Marti Baker
Superintendent                                    Administrative Assistant
(937) 225-4598                                    (937)225-4603 Ext 3019


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