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Federal Grants Management

Supporting districts in the maintenance of accurate records, equitable distribution of resources and compliance with federal regulations

Federal grants management plays a critical role in ensuring the effective implementation and accountability of various educational programs and initiatives. At MCESC, we understand the importance of supporting districts with the management of these grants to ensure a systems approach with alignment to the district’s One Plan.

MCESC provides a variety of levels of support in the creation and completion of a district’s One Plan.

  • We offer consultation throughout that process and can guide your district’s leadership team through the needs assessment and planning process. 
  • Integrating the One Plan framework with federal grants management empowers educational institutions to maximize the impact of grant funds by ensuring grant resources are strategically allocated to address identified needs and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Managing grants also requires adherence to rigorous reporting and compliance requirements. We understand this can be a tedious and overwhelming process, so we are here to support you to ensure equitable distribution of resources, maintain accurate records, and comply with federal regulations to maintain eligibility for future grant opportunities.

Connect with our Innovation Team 

Contact: Matt Housh
Excellence & Innovation Supervisor