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Gifted Education

Nurturing the natural abilities of each individual to foster creative exploration and growth

Talents and natural abilities are unique to all of us. Gifted educators understand that an individual's unique and natural ability is a spark that must be fostered and nurtured to create strong currents through creative exploration and dedication to the effort needed to grow.

Our gifted education specialists provide support for district gifted programming, conduct teacher professional development, offer enrichment services for diverse gifted learners and help families support their gifted children. As the need for collaboration and support increases, we strive to offer innovative and customized services to support school districts and their stakeholders.

Connect with our Gifted Services Team 

Contact: Katie Pearson
Gifted Supervisor

Our Services Include

  • Basic Compliance Gifted Supervision 
  • Consultative Gifted Supervision
  • Premium Gifted Supervision
  • Professional Development
  • Acceleration Supports
  • Specific Task Guidance
    • Identification and Data
    • Communication and Training
    • Direct Service to District 
  • Additional Supports Offered
    • Gifted Gathering Network
    • Parent/Teacher/Administrator Newsletters
    • Ongoing assessment and evaluation of gifted services and programming including analysis of gifted indicator on the Ohio State Report Card

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