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Homeschooling Support

Helping families navigate the homeschool journey

Montgomery County ESC provides a wide range of support to districts and families choosing to homeschool their children. We provide resources, recommendations and consultation to homeschooling families to enhance their educational experience and help them navigate the homeschooling journey.

Information about homeschooling in Ohio is available on the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce website. Families interested in educating their children at home must complete the Home Education Notification form which can be found on the above website. 

Connect with our Instructional Services Team 

Contact: Candice Sears
 Director of Instructional Services

Our Services Include

  • Consultation: When new families are exploring the option to homeschool their children, MCESC provides consultation to discuss the reasoning, options within the public schools, etc. 
  • Curriculum Guidance: Homeschool support often involves helping families choose appropriate curriculum materials and resources for different subjects and grade levels. This can include recommendations, reviews, and guidance on aligning curriculum with educational standards or specific learning goals.
  • Academic Resources: Homeschooling families can benefit from access/ recommendations to a wide range of academic resources such as textbooks, workbooks, online courses, educational apps, and multimedia materials. 
  • Legal and Administrative Assistance: Homeschool support can help families navigate the legal and administrative aspects of homeschooling, such as understanding local homeschooling regulations, filing required paperwork, and complying with reporting requirements.