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Math Support

Providing support and coaching to increase student achievement through improving mathematical outcomes for all students

Our mission is to support each district in Montgomery County to develop and implement a successful mathematical framework for all grade levels, focusing on teacher capacity, MTSS, and leadership.

Our commitment involves assisting districts in identifying, evaluating, and implementing high-quality instructional materials aligned with rigorous academic standards. We provide comprehensive guidance and resources to facilitate the selection process, enabling districts to adopt materials that promote deeper conceptual understanding and facilitate effective teaching practices.

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Curriculum Supervisor

Our Services Include

  • High-quality professional development on a range of topics including alternative math pathways and the use of Prisms in the classroom
  • Coaching on high-quality instructional materials, guidance and support for implementing best practices for all tiers of instruction and intervention. 
  • Develop tailored Algebra 2 Equivalent alternative math pathways, providing comprehensive support in curriculum design, teacher training, and implementation strategies. This initiative aims to ensure inclusivity and accessibility in math education, catering to diverse learner profiles and fostering mathematical proficiency for all students.
  • Our Prisms initiative provides teachers with immersive training sessions, equipping them with innovative pedagogical techniques and diverse instructional strategies. This collaboration has enriched their teaching practices and expanded their toolkit for addressing various learning styles in mathematics. The success of Prisms is a result of a strong partnership between educators, experts, and our organization, working collaboratively to curate specialized training modules and resources. This collaboration has been instrumental in creating a robust program tailored to the specific needs of educators and students alike.