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Addressing the specific learning needs of students in a one-on-one setting

MCESC partners with AmeriCorps to provide tutoring services to students in the Dayton region. AmeriCorps is a national service program in the United States that engages individuals in community service to address various social needs. One of the initiatives within Americorps is focused on tutoring in reading and math.

The tutoring sessions are conducted in schools across the region. AmeriCorps members work closely with classroom teachers to identify students who would benefit from additional reading and math support. They may provide one-on-one tutoring or work with small groups of students to address specific learning needs.

The AmeriCorps tutors employ various strategies and instructional techniques to enhance reading and math skills. They may help students develop reading comprehension strategies, practice phonics and vocabulary, improve writing skills, and strengthen mathematical concepts and problem-solving abilities. Tutors often tailor their approach to meet the individual needs of each student, using a combination of standardized resources and personalized materials.


Curriculum Supervisor