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 We are a 4 STAR Business Advisory Council

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The Montgomery County Educational Service Center (MCESC)  facilitates the state mandated Business Advisory Council (BAC) for both Montgomery and Warren counties’ public schools. The MCESC BAC’s mission is to ensure our workforce can compete by enhancing partnerships between schools, higher education, and employers. There are four main outcomes the MCESC BAC strives to achieve: ensuring student success and career readiness while in school, helping existing and new businesses thrive in our region, keeping talent in our region, and making Montgomery and Warren Counties great places to live and work.

First page of the PDF file: MCESCBusinessAdvisoryCouncil2022-2023JointStatementofWork1

Click HERE to see what we submitted to ODE in March of the 2022-2023 school year.

First page of the PDF file: MCESCBusinessAdvisoryCouncil2022-2023Plan2

Click HERE to see what we submitted to ODE in Sept. of the 2022-2023 school year.

Click HERE for our most recent findings from our recent Healthcare Careers Implementation Lab and our next steps!

Click HERE for our most recent Advanced Manufacturing Careers Implementation Lab findings and our next steps!


We’re excited to announce we’re opening up the application period for rising high school students to help lend student voice to our region’s Business Advisory Council! Check out this video to hear from past participants in this paid internship program!


Have questions about our region’s Business Advisory Council? Contact our Workforce Director, Bryan Stewart.

Bryan joined our organization in 2019. He manages our region’s Business Advisory Council in coordination with major industry partners and 23 nearby school districts. You can contact Bryan for more information at


Information Tech/Computer Science


Elementary Educator Pathway/Health Science Pathway


Interested in how we scale our efforts? We promote national career connections weeks of action. Next school year, we’ll be focusing on the following opportunities:

September: Skilled Trades Appreciation Month
October: MFG Month
November: National Health Professions Week
December: CS Education Week
May: In-Demand Jobs Week

Additional BAC Resources

2023 Business Advisory Council Joint Statement of Work 

2022 Joint Statement of Work/Plan

2021 Joint Statement Work/Plan

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Warren County District Maps

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Advanced Manufacturing Pathway

MCESC IT/CS Pathway Framework

MCESC Career Connections Calendar 2021-2022

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